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The Pirate-infested corridor[1] is a room in Norfair. It appears in Super Metroid.


This is a large room in the depths of Norfair that consists of a very long, sloped pathway on the left, and a tall vertical shaft on the right. Like much of Norfair, the room is cavernous, superheated and unsafe without the Varia Suit enabled. It can be reached from any of three entrances in the area, with the right entrance being the fastest.

The long pathway on the right is formed from a steep slope. Along it are numerous enemies, specifically Zebesians and Multiviolas, as well as several obstructions. Samus can easily dispatch the enemies and the blocks by running until her Speed Booster activates, and maintaining her top speed. By doing so, she will continue running over a bridge of Pit Blocks (above a floor lined with spikes) until she breaches a wall on the right side, arriving in the vertical shaft.

In the vertical shaft are multiple ledges and midair platforms formed out of rock, with short sets of steps leading to a Green Hatch in the floor. Through here is the room where Samus confronts Crocomire. Notably, the top of the vertical shaft is near identical to an unused room in Norfair, which is not accessible ingame but can be seen using the game's unofficial level editor, SMILE.

Connecting rooms[]


Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

Boost and Blast (pg. 18)
"Use the Speed Booster to blaze through this area unscathed."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"After falling down the long shaft from Area A, you'll find yourself in a Pirate-infested corridor. Later in this area, you'll come face-to-claw with the fearsome Crocomire, then you'll be able to find the awesome Grappling Beam in Area D."



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