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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Prepare yourself, little girl. You won't get out of here alive.

—Pirate Boss[1]

The Pirate Boss (海賊のボス?) is the commander of the Space Pirates in Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order.


As the Space Pirates' commander, he is therefore responsible for taking a Metroid capsule. Shortly after Samus Aran destroys Mother Brain, the Space Pirates capture her and bring her to the Pirate Boss, who orders his men to unmask her. He is shocked to discover that Samus is a human woman. She is able to escape his custody.

If the Metroid=Mutant reaches the control room, the Pirate Boss orders his men to attack it. Samus can offer to assist the Space Pirates in their battle, prompting the Pirate Boss to return her confiscated Ice Beam.

If Samus goes to the docking bay and encounters the M=M, the Pirate Boss may interrupt their fight. He is wearing a a powered suit and armed with a large caliber beam cannon, a weapon powerful enough to vaporize an entire asteroid. He fires the barreled cannon at Samus, killing her and instantly resulting in a Game Over.

After the M=M's attack on the control room, although many Space Pirates were slain, the Pirate Boss himself survives with minimal injuries, merely smoking a cigarette when Samus confronts him to retrieve the Metroid capsule. He then challenges Samus to a sword duel, offering her a sword to use instead of her Ice Beam. Ultimately, he nearly defeats her, but the M=M intervenes, giving Samus the opportunity to escape while the Pirate Boss turns his attention towards the Metroid. He is then presumably killed when Samus destroys the Pirate Ship with a missile.


Samus does not consider the Pirate Boss particularly clever, and describes him as someone who does not understand what a leader should do. He is left in disbelief that the Space Pirates' fortress on Zebes was destroyed by a woman, and expresses disappointment in himself if he is fatigued while fighting Samus. However, Samus also comments that he is smarter than he looks when he lets Samus and the Space Pirates fight M=M while he sits back safely. Additionally, his zeal is unmatched, to the point where he can defeat Samus (who is depicted as a cyborg in Zebes Invasion Order) in a sword duel despite being only an ordinary human himself. Unlike most Space Pirates, he does not seem to hold a personal grudge against Samus, since he returns her Ice Beam to help her fight the M=M.


  • Unusually for a member of the Space Pirates, he is depicted as a human; later entries, and even the Japanese Family Computer Disk System manual for the original Metroid, either explicitly state or otherwise strongly imply that the Space Pirates were composed of aliens.
  • The Pirate Boss fills a similar role as Mecha Ridley in Metroid: Zero Mission, acting as the final boss that Samus faces aboard a Space Pirate Mother Ship after completing her first mission to Zebes.
    • To a lesser extent, he also filled a similar role to Mother Brain in Super Metroid, where he fights Samus to a stalemate before a mutant Metroid interferes with the duel.


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