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The Pirate Boss (海賊のボス?) was the commander of the Space Pirates in Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order.


As the Space Pirates' commander, he was therefore responsible for taking a Metroid capsule. Shortly after Samus Aran destroyed Mother Brain, the Pirate Boss captured her and forced her to unmask herself. He then relegated himself to the command room.

However, the command room was eventually destroyed, although the Pirate Boss himself survived with minimal injuries, merely smoking a cigarette when Samus arrived into the room. He then divulged his motives to her, with Samus then taking out a sword and dueling him. Depending on how the player does, the Pirate Boss may kill Samus by stabbing her in the abdomen. Ultimately, he fell before her, with the Space Pirate mothership being destroyed shortly afterward.


  • Unusually for a member of the Space Pirates, he was depicted as a human; later entries, and even the Japanese Family Computer Disk System manual for the original Metroid, either explicitly state or otherwise strongly imply that the Space Pirates were composed of aliens.

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