This article is about the Space Pirate Commander class that Samus Aran encountered around the time of the Great Invasion. For the subordinate Commando class also encountered , see Commando Pirate.

A Pirate Commander is a high-ranking Space Pirate found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. A Space Pirate can only become a Commander if it has served as a Commando Pirate for at least 10 years. It would seem Commanders are the only class eligible to wear Red Phazite armor, which is very rare and much more resilient than usual Phazite armor. They are equipped with a personal-teleportation device, which enables them to move around the area with ease. The Commander that Samus Aran battled displayed the ability to summon multiple Commando Pirates to its aid. Both abilities are also displayed during the battle with Samus.

On the Pirate Homeworld, one Commander shows up repeatedly to summon more Commando Pirates and impede Samus' path. This particular Commander first appears when Samus sets off the Pirate Alarm System in the Scrapvault, where it summons a squadron of Commandos and orders them to kill her. During Fleet Admiral Castor Dane's assault on the Homeworld, in Transit Tunnel P69, two Federation Marines can be found firing down in a parallel area to the left of Samus, right before she moves on. If she watches long enough, the Commander will appear and use its dash attack on them, killing them instantly, and teleports away.


Conceptual artwork of a Commander's helmet.

In Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether, a "boss" was a similar kind of Pirate.


The Pirate Commander will generally summon 4 Commando Pirates at once, then warp around the arena causing havoc. When the Commandos are killed, the Commander will summon more up to a certain point when no more are called. Due to constant teleportation, it is difficult to attack. Samus's best weapon against the Commander is Hypermode - all of her other weapons will have very little effect. Unlike Commandos, it cannot be killed with a headshot from the Nova Beam, as Red Phazite is immune to the X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam's piercing effects.

Logbook entryEdit


Pirate Commander

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Pirate Commander
Wears red Phazite assault armor.
Resistant to most weaponry.

Logbook entry

Commanders make heavy use of their personal teleporter, moving to favorable positions and across the battlefield, giving orders and support as needed. They carry all of the weaponry and gear used by commandos, with the exception of their armor, which is forged out of ultrarare Red Phazite. A rare breed, Pirate Commanders have lived to rise to the ruling caste on the Pirate Homeworld. Each has been a commando for at least ten years.