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Pirate Fear[1] is a foreboding theme in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It was composed by Kenji Yamamoto.


Pirate Fear plays in areas of significant Space Pirate presence, such as the Space Pirate mining facility in Agon Wastes. It is played once all Space Pirates in the room have been killed and their battle theme ceases playing, filling the same role as Pirate Yoin in the previous game. Pirate Fear is also available as one of the music tracks for the multiplayer mode, unlocked by restoring the Light of Aether to Agon Temple and talking to U-Mos.

Pirate Fear is a suspenseful ambient theme. It has a slow and quiet melody, accompanied by the same tense percussion heard in Pirate Encounter Prelude. Stylistically, it matches Pirate Encounter Prelude as well as the quiet section of the Space Pirates battle theme, further developing the themes heard before and during Space Pirate encounters.

Pirate Fear can be heard here: [1]


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