We first worked on the Pirate Frigate stage as a prototype. We thought that of all the many varied worlds in the game, we wanted to use one which was both hi-tech and which gave a strong sense of being in space, so we went for that one.

Adrian Barritt[1]

Pinball frigate

An image of the Pirate Frigate in the game

Pirate Frigate is one of the tables on Metroid Prime Pinball. It is based off the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime.


The table, from the bottom up, is like a typical table in the game, with the exception of the flippers. This table is unique in that it has three flippers, as opposed to 2 or 4. The odd flipper out, located on the right side of the top screen, hides the Award Scanner, which lies directly underneath it. The flipper can launch Samus into a chamber where she will hit more bumpers of a different kind. She can go up a ramp to play Wall Jump, on the upper left hand corner.


Mppinball 08 big

The minigames that can be played at this table are:


  • The music playing in the background is a remix of the classic Brinstar theme. This theme was later used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Norfair stage as "Main Theme (Metroid)".
  • Every once in a while a Metroid larva (not a Tallon Metroid) appears on the table despite them never being encountered on the frigate ingame in Metroid Prime - however, they do appear there in the comic book retelling, and scans in Prime indicate that Metroids were onboard the ship prior to Samus's arrival.
  • Unlike the actual Frigate Orpheon in its non-destroyed state, the table can be revisited.
  • Curiously, this is the only table that doesn't restart its music after unpausing. Rather, it simply resumes from where it was prior to pausing.
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