Pirate Grenadiers are Pirate Troopers equipped with experimental grenade launchers that fire grenades which explode upon impact.


The launcher is, metaphorically, a double-edged sword. It packs brute force, but disables use of their assault rifles. The grenade launchers also have a slow rate of fire and have a high blast radius, which can harm or even kill the Pirate if fired at close range. Because of this, they instead rely on a tackling body-slam technique if Samus gets close, and prefer to keep their distance if possible.

Grenadiers are located in the Space Pirates' complex in the Agon Wastes after Samus's first fight with Dark Samus, specifically, in the Command Center. Pirate Grenadiers teleport here upon Samus's return to the room.

Despite carrying a Photonic Power Scythe, they use the barrel of their grenade launcher for blunt melee attacks at close range. They are one of the only two encountered varieties of Space Pirate (excluding Darklings) in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that can respawn outside of scripted appearances, the other being Pirate Aerotroopers.


Official data[]

Logbook entry[]

Pirate Grenadier

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Pirate Grenadier
Space Pirate specializing in grenade combat. Powerful grenade launcher makes this enemy dangerous at range. Minimal close combat ability.

Logbook entry

The Space Pirates have begun to use an experimental energy grenade launcher in the field. The weapon is viewed as a mixed blessing to the Grenadier units; while the grenade launchers are powerful weapons, Grenadiers must leave their rifles behind to carry them. Fast-moving targets can close range on Grenadiers, rendering their main weapon somewhat ineffective.