The Pirate Seed.

The Pirate Homeworld Seed is the Leviathan that struck the Pirate Homeworld. This Seed was sent by Dark Samus with the help of corrupted Space Pirates to the Pirate Homeworld in order to begin transforming the planet into a main source of Phazon, similar to Phaaze but with much easier accessibility. The uncorrupted Pirates on the planet initially tried to repel the meteor, but their efforts were in vain. Using her abilities, along with the Leviathan's Phazon, Dark Samus took over the remaining free-willed Pirates on the entire planet. The Pirates began using the Phazon to advance in their research and improve their weaponry, increasing the power of their armies to fight for Dark Samus' cause.

To infiltrate the Seed itself, Samus guided several Galactic Federation Demolition Troopers to the Transit Station Leviathan on the Skyway, where the Pirates were mining the Seed's Phazon directly from the Leviathan. The Demolition Troopers destroyed the entrance to the Seed, and Samus traveled inside via her Gunship where she faced Omega Ridley, the guardian of the Phazon Core.

After Omega Ridley's demise, Samus was bombarded with more Phazon from the explosion, and her Phazon Corruption level rose to 75%. After this, Samus acquired the Hyper Grapple, which she used to agitate and then destroy the Core. Samus escaped just as the Seed exploded.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

Tentacle organism in Core Access.

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