Not to be confused with Space Pirate Logs written by the Pirates on Aether.
Pirate Log terminal

Pirate Logs are short data entries written by the Space Pirates on Talvania, Excelcion, and Bion. They are accessible via dedicated terminals during most Talvania-based missions in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but two can be accessed in Pirate-controlled areas of Excelcion during M07: Cauldron and M19: Incursion. Similar to Space Pirate data logs in other Metroid Prime games, these logs give insight into the operation of the Pirates who inhabited Talvania.

The vast majority of them are maintenance logs detailing such things as their weapon factories and Metroid-breeding efforts.

M06: InfiltrationEdit

Pirate Log: Weapon Factory
Weapon manufacturing produces excessive
amounts of heat, but the current air-
conditioning system is up to the task.

Pirate Log: Missile
Initial production run has been completed.
Store all missiles securely in factory until
transport orders have been received.

M07: CauldronEdit

Pirate Log: Underground Lake
All experiments have been completed. This area is of no further use to us.

M13: PhantomEdit

Pirate Log: Experimentation Report
Organic subjects rendered undetectable. Increase energy levels and proceed to next phase of testing.

Pirate Log: Architect
Autonomous evasion protocols in effect due to improved security system.

M17: InfestationEdit

Pirate Log: Laboratory
This machine facility was formerly a well-equipped medical lab. Repurpose to serve as a secret lab for Metroid experimentation.

Pirate Log: Metroids
There is an extreme danger in handling Metroids. In case of a loss of containment, immediately freeze and secure specimen(s).

Pirate Log: Imprinting
Egg has hatched. Specimen seems overly concerned with my well-being. Must explore this further.

M19: IncursionEdit

Pirate Log: Defense Deployment
Transfer device online and operational. Defensive measures have been reinforced.

M20: InsurrectionEdit

Pirate Log: Transfer Device
Output has been increased to compensate for the loss of the Excelcion transfer device.

M21: The CoreEdit

Pirate Log: Transfer Device
Only one transfer device remains operational. Maximize power transmission at once due to the loss of the other devices.