Pit Blocks[1][2], also known as Disintegration Blocks (自壊ブロック?)[3], Crumble Blocks[citation needed], and Breakaway Blocks[4], are a type of block that can only be removed by standing or rolling over them, and function as one-way paths, temporary bridges, etc. They appear in Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid: Zero Mission.


Before being triggered by Samus Aran or revealed by either Bombs or Power Bombs, Pit Blocks look like any other block in their surroundings. As a result, they are often placed in areas where Samus will not expect, serving as traps.

In Fusion and Zero Mission, if Samus is using the Speed Booster while running, she can run across them as they disintegrate without falling, a mechanic often used in puzzles throughout the series. A similar technique could be done with the Boost Ball in the Prime series to pass some tunnels. In Super Metroid, Samus only has to run to achieve the same result. If Samus gets the timing right, she can sometimes jump off of one, making for a good jump height.

There are different types throughout the 2-D games: some break as soon as Samus moves onto one, and reappear after there is nothing in their range. Others can stand some weight, and can be stood on for a moment before they break. Finally, some break and never reappear. Morph Ball launchers have demonstrated the capacity to destroy Pit Blocks when they launch Samus, being the only known thing in the series capable of destroying these blocks.

Samus Aran is the only entity in the games that can trigger Pit Blocks. This is shown by the SA-X in Fusion, Red Space Pirates in Zero Mission, and Sovas in Super Metroid, all of which are able to walk over Pit Blocks without activating them.

Samus falls through a Disintegration Block in the Super Metroid manga story called Trap.

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Metroid Fusion manualEdit

"These blocks crumble and vanish when you walk on them."

Metroid: Zero Mission manualEdit

Pit Blocks
"These blocks will crumble as soon as you stand on them. Some may take longer to crumble than others."

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