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The "pitfall" is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The pitfall is a short shaft in the middle of the Chozodian ruins. It only connects to one room via three exits, including two doors and a small tunnel at the base of the shaft. The background walls are decorated with Chozo hieroglyphs, depicting a mystic, offerings to a king and warriors locking spears. Such imagery is found elsewhere in Chozodia as well. The upper level of the shaft features a floor and wall of destructible blocks, which explode in a chain reaction when shot or Bombed. A shutter is found on an upper ledge, and it locks if an intruder is detected by the Pirate Alarm System, retracting when the alarm deactivates. Directly under the destructible floor is a wall ledge, with a step below it connected to the floor.

Samus enters this room while she is fleeing Zebesians during her race through Chozodia. Upon entering this room, Samus has a limited amount of time to jump to the upper ledge before a Zebesian comes in behind her. As it walks onto the destructible floor, Samus can shoot at it to send the Zebesian to the base of the shaft, where it is no longer able to reach her. After a short time, the alarm will deactivate and the shutter will lift, allowing Samus to continue. If a Perfect Stealth run is being performed and Samus has not been detected up to this point, the shutter will not be active.

On later visits to the room (after obtaining the Fully Powered Suit), there is one Zebesian below the destructible floor.

Connecting rooms[]



Chozodia Super Missile Tank 3.gif
Super Missile Tank
Requires Fully Powered Suit. Samus must return to this room with the Fully Powered Suit and drop to the bottom of the shaft, then shoot a Missile Block in the left wall.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"When you stop at the metallic barrier, blast the wall and floor blocks to elude your pursuers."
242 super missile tank (pg. 83)
"Enter the top half of the short shaft in the ruins' lower-middle section and detonate a bomb on the large blocks. A chain-reaction explosion will give you access to the bottom half of the shaft. Use a missile to break a block in the left wall, and climb through the small hole to a Super Missile Tank."