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The Planet Reclamation Division (惑星開拓団?)[1] was an organization that discovered an uncharted planet that would later be named SR388. A group was dispatched to survey it, where they estimated that 80% of the planet's natural wildlife was extinct and reported that they had been sent to a "dead planet". The team was eventually killed by a horde of Metroid larvae, leaving the crew as dried husks devoid of life energy.

The Space Research Vessel Marina was later sent to SR388. The events that befell the Planet Reclamation Division allowed the second ship's team to arrive better prepared, allowing for the successful capture of an unknown number of Metroid specimens.

The large amounts of animal carcasses on SR388 reported by the Planet Reclamation Division, along with the latter's fate and the discovery of the Chozo ruins, led to the Metroids being blamed for the destruction of its advanced civilization. The Chozo Memories from Metroid: Samus Returns show that escaped Metroids were in fact responsible for ending the Chozo's once prosperous culture on SR388.

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