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The "Plasma Chamber" is a room in Maridia. It appears in Super Metroid.


As with the previous two rooms, the lighting in the Plasma Chamber is dimmed considerably. This is made evident by the glow of Samus's visor in the dark. This is one of three Item Rooms in Maridia, and the only one to contain enemies. Long reeds hang from the ceiling and extend almost halfway through the room. A wide midair platform is present near the top of the chamber, with four ledges present in the walls as well. A metal walkway is present at the base of the room, with a pedestal atop which a Chozo Statue sits. This statue contains the Plasma Beam in an Item Sphere. When Samus collects the item, the room's "dark" effect temporarily disappears.

As stated, this room contains enemies in the form of six Pink Space Pirates. The Plasma Chamber is one of only two rooms in Maridia, aside from the "fish pits", to contain Space Pirates, who otherwise have no presence in this region of Zebes. Before collecting the Plasma Beam, Samus is unable to defeat them, forcing her to avoid them until she gets the item. Once she has, she must kill all six of them to unlock the door.

This room cannot be accessed until after Draygon's defeat, as a door leading to the Plasma Chamber in the "Plasma Spark Room" is locked until Draygon is killed.

Connecting rooms[]



Plasma Beam
In the hands of the statue.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

C. PLASMA POWER (pg. 101)
"Pick up the Plasma Beam in the lower right corner. The only way to defeat the enemies in this area is to plaster them with Plasma, and the exit door won't open until you've beaten every last one of them. Prepare to blast your way out."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"At last you can get your hands on the most powerful beam weapon in the game! This little beauty will devastate most nasties and give you a considerable advantage in the final confrontation with that enigma of evil, the monstrous Mother Brain."