I wanted to give you some cover earlier, but this thing takes forever to charge.

Anthony Higgs speaking to Samus Aran

Anthony Higgs' Plasma Gun.

The Plasma Gun is an armament used by Anthony Higgs of the 07th Platoon. It is attached to a backpack that is presumably used in charging the weapon; the gun is also equipped with a laser sight to assist with aiming. The weapon takes a long time to charge, but when it has finished charging, it can fire a powerful bluish-green blast of plasma. Commander Adam Malkovich authorizes Anthony to use it whenever he sees fit.

The Plasma Gun appears to have roughly the same power as Samus Aran's charged Plasma Beam. Because it takes a considerable amount of time to shoot a single shot, the Plasma Gun is more than likely to be a Federation prototype of a reverse-engineered Plasma Beam.

Anthony is seen using the Plasma Gun twice in Metroid: Other M, both times against Ridley. However, he only manages to score a hit on Ridley's adolescent form because it was distracted by Samus during their skirmish at the Exam Center.

Anthony accidentally targets Samus with the Plasma Gun's laser sight.

The Plasma Gun is lost in the battle with the adult Ridley, during which Anthony only gets one shot off. Once hit by Ridley's tail, the gun is bent in several places and flung from Anthony's hands; though the weapon lands on the platform, Anthony himself is sent flying over the edge, seemingly to his death. Additionally, a flashback reveals that Anthony lost the charge pack in the magma as he landed on a temporarily frozen Magdollite.


  • This weapon shows just how advanced Chozo technology is when compared to similar technology used by the Galactic Federation. While both weapons have the same approximate power output, the Galactic Federation version takes a frustratingly long time to charge a single blast and requires a large power source. Samus's Chozo version is tiny by comparison (being integrated into her Arm Cannon) and can fully charge a blast in just a few seconds.
  • In Metroid Fusion, Adam mentions that the Galactic Federation had successfully developed the Plasma Beam, suggesting they may have been able to enhance the Plasma Gun to match the Plasma Beam.