Plasma Incendiary Launcher

The Plasma Incendiary Launcher is the Omega Pirate variant of an Elite Pirate Plasma Artillery Cannon.


"Elite Pirate Upsilon's propensity for Phazon has enabled our research team to infuse it far beyond out safety restrictions, and the results have been extremely encouraging. Its constant Phazon diet has increased its mass exponentially, but it has retained all mental faculties and shows dexterity with all Elite weaponry, including Plasma Incendiary Launchers and the Chameleon Manta issued for cloaking purposes. Elite Pirate Upsilon exhibits miraculous healing abilities; when injured, it seeks out Phazon deposits and coats itself in the substance, which instantly mends the creature's wounds. The subject, which we are code-naming Omega Pirate based on these developments, shows potential to be a new standard for our armies. Our only concern at this point is its potential overdependence on Phazon."

Trivia Edit

  • The projectiles from the Plasma Incendiary Launcher can be scanned when in mid-air. However, the scan's text reads only "This is an Elite Space Pirate", and does not count towards Logbook completion. The scan's images depict a Parasite, and are in a noticeably different style to the rest of the scan images in the game, presumably due to the fact that they are placeholders.