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The "Plasma Spark Room" is a large room in Maridia. It appears in Super Metroid.


This is a large, twisting and winding room near the top of Maridia. It connects to lower Maridia via a tube that launches Samus up or down through the entire area, enabling quicker travel. Visually, the room is a very large vertical shaft divided in half by a tall, thin wall, which appears to be supported by a structure in the background. The top of the wall stretches to the right and over a small pit, which itself is above a door leading toward the Plasma Beam. This door is locked until after Draygon's defeat, at which point it will flash indicating it can be opeend. The dividing wall is lined with multiple grass or moss-covered ledges, enabling easier climbing. While climbing the room with the Space Jump is easiest, it can also be ascended with the Wall Jump.

Below the door to the Plasma Beam is the rest of the room, a wide clearing with a midair platform above a pit carved out of sand. This pit has a rounded bottom, grass growing on its top, and reeds hanging underneath it. These reeds are also found hanging from parts of the ceiling. The pit splits off into a large, rounded section with two midair sand platforms, and to the left into a short path with ramps. The reason the room is unofficially titled the "Plasma Spark Room" is because a Shinespark is possible, but tricky, to pull off here. If Samus runs across the lowest passage until her Speed Booster activates, crouches to Shinespark, and quickly jumps out of the sand pit, she can Shinespark up either side of the dividing wall.

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Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"This non-stop elevator runs from Area D all the way to the bottom of Area E. Work your way back up to the parts of the region that you pass by."
B. LOCKED DOOR (pg. 100)
"You won't be able to open the Metal Door to the room that holds the Plasma Beam until you defeat Draygon, the guardian of Maridia."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

GOING DOWN? (pg. 61)
"Just to the left here, you'll find the start of the game's longest lift. This takes you straight to the lowest reaches of Maridia (Area C, page 64), allowing you to explore the deepest caverns, but it provides no access to the sections it passes through."
NO EXIT, YET (pg. 61)
"This door is all that stands between you and the awesome plasma beam, but it's metal and can't be destroyed until you bring about the demise of Draygon, Maridia's fishy guardian."