A Plated Beetle looks like a very large Beetle with a large armored head impervous to any weapon. However, its abdomen is totally unprotected and vulnerable. In order to prevent this area from being attacked, the Plated Beetle will attempt to keep its target in front of itself. The first one encountered is the guardian of the Morph Ball, along with a pack of normal Beetles. They only appear in Chozo Ruins and appear frequently after Samus gains the Morph Ball from the first one.


Plated Beetle battle

The first Plated Beetle fought in Ruined Shrine

The Plated Beetle appears after a large swarm of Beetles. They will ram Samus with their large frontal horns, but this can be evaded with a dash, exposing the creature's weak point to attack. Samus will earn the Morph Ball after she defeats the Plated Beetle.

Later on in the game, it appears as a regular enemy in the Main Plaza and again in the Ruined Shrine. They can be killed nearly instantly with the Flamethrower or Wavebuster. It can be killed with one shot of the Plasma Beam after it burns for a few moments. However, its plating is fireproof, so it must be hit from behind. A single charged Wave Beam shot in the same area also does the job quickly and efficiently; it homes in on the Beetle's rear end, eliminating the need for manual accuracy as it dashes. When a single Wave Beam blast strikes the Plated Beetle from behind, the creature spasms as the bolts course around its body, then falls silent and dies discreetly.

Logbook entryEdit

Plated Beetle scanpic Plated Beetle side scanpic
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Plated Beetle

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Morphology: Plated Beetle
Well-armored burrowing insect. Vulnerable only in the rear abdomen.

Logbook entry

Creature's thick cranial plating can repel frontal attacks. This gives it an advantage in combat, allowing it to make ramming attacks. Only surfacing when it detects vibrations above, it then maneuvers itself so as to always face its rival, keeping its exposed abdomen protected.


  • When killed with the Plasma Beam, the death animation is also different, showing the creature burn into ashes like most creatures killed by the Plasma Beam. Strangely, the Beetle's plating also burns up, although the plating can deflect the beam on its own and appears fireproof.
  • The Plated Beetle's theme was remixed for the Beetle Blast and Shriekbat Shootout minigames in Metroid Prime Pinball.