Plated Parasites (called "Armored Parasitic larva" in the beta demo) are distant cousins to the Parasite. They are encased in protective armor, allowing them to withstand extremely high temperatures; they are possibly thermophilic, as they only seem to be seen in hot locations. Two powerful hooks protrude from their worm-like bodies. They are known for their amazing resilience and determination. Plated Parasites are only vulnerable to concussive attacks, causing them to have very few predators.[2] These creatures have a similar shade of hide to the Parasite Queen, indicating a relationship between the two species.

Samus encounters Plated Parasites in the Chozo Ruins Furnace and Magmoor Caverns Geothermal Core on Tallon IV. They usually can be found roaming about on walls made from Spider Ball Tracks. Samus can easily destroy them by placing a Bomb near them. One or two Bombs will kill them.

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Plated Parasite

Metroid Prime

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Morphology: Plated Parasite
Hardy member of the Parasite family. Invulnerable to most weaponry.

Logbook entry

A cousin to the Parasite, these creatures are known for their amazing resilience. Field studies suggest a weakness to Morph Ball-delivered weapon systems.

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"A distant cousin to the Parasite, Plated Parasites are known for their amazing resilience and determination. Plated Parasites are vulnerable only to concussive attacks, which leaves them with very few natural predators.

Encased in protective armor, its body is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. Two powerful hooks protrude from the creature's worm-like body."


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