A Plated Puffer is a Puffer in Metroid Prime that was mutated by Phazon. This species has a black, silver, and light blue coloration. It is found only in the Tower of Light. Only a Missile can destroy it, as other shots will be reflected. They act just like normal Puffers, otherwise. After destroying the Brinstone pillars they come out of holes in the walls. Only four Plated Puffers exist at a time. If one is destroyed, another takes its place.

A further mutated variety exists in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption called Phazon Puffer.

The Puffer family closely resembles the Bulls on Zebes and the Preed family that is found on Light Aether and Dark Aether (the Preeds seem to be of Space Pirate origin however).

Logbook entryEdit

Puffer scanpic
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Plated Puffer

Metroid Prime

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Morphology: Plated Patter
Mutated Puffer with reinforced epidermis.

Logbook entry

Phazon exposure has created a mutant strain of Puffers on Tallon IV. They have developed plated skin, making them harder to burst. Concussive weapons can still do the job, however. The gas within the plated puffer is just as deadly as that within their 'cousins'.


  • In certain locations around the Tower of Light, Plated Puffers are infinitely spawned out of openings in walls, thus they can be considered as 'pipe enemies' (see Air Hole article).
  • In the Tower of Light, Plated Puffers have a habit of rupturing when coming into contact with each other and/or the landscape even if Samus is nowhere near them, particularly when she is destroying the tower supports in order to reach the Wavebuster.
  • Plated Puffers only drop Small Energy Capsules upon their destruction.
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