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PlayChoice-10 Super de-luxe Arcade cabinet.


Metroid-based marquee

PlayChoice-10 is an arcade cabinet system released in 1986 that contains up to 10 specially designed Nintendo Entertainment System games (the games were much smaller than NES cartridges). Up to 2 players would pay for time on the system, and then have access to all of the games in the cabinet.

The machine was compatible with the NES, but with some key differences. An extra CPU controlled the gameplay timer, game select, and displayed hints for the current game on a separate monitor (on single-monitor systems, a button would switch between gameplay and the hint screen). Normal NES cartridges could not be used; rather, the PlayChoice used special expansion cards containing (usually unmodified) NES games along with an extra 8KB ROM to display hints. Because the PlayChoice-10 output RGB video using a slightly different palette, games did not look exactly the same as they did on the NES. It is in fact possible to replace the NES PPU with the PlayChoice-10 PPU, allowing it to output RGB natively. Nintendo also created a standalone PlayChoice which only had a single available game.

Metroid is among the games for this machine, and it can be seen briefly in the movie The Wizard.

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