The Poisoned Bog is a room in the Dark Torvus Bog. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


There is little to note about this room. A mushroom-like platform stands out from the Dark Water, carrying a Light Beacon. Two entrances to the Poisoned Bog require the use of strong force to enter from the outside. The Aether counterpart of the Poisoned Bog is the Torvus Lagoon.

Connecting rooms[]


1 Hunter Ing
"Morphology: Hunter Ing
Elite warriors of the Ing Horde
Phasing shapeshifter. Deadly in close combat. Dislikes bright light."


Key of S-Dly
The Flying Ing Cache is located in the Dark Water, so Samus must have the Light Suit to bear it. A Hunter Ing also stands guard.


Ingsphere Cache
"Morphology: Ingsphere Cache
Living storage units of the Ing Horde.
The Ingsphere keeps useful items in a dimentional pocket. The pocket can be breached by destroying the Ingsphere."
Flying Ing Cache
Light Beacon
"Xenotech: Luminoth Light Beacon
Generates protective field when energized.
Light Beacons must be energized by Beam weapon fire to function, and remain charged for a limited time."
Light Crystal
"Xenotech: Luminoth Light Crystal
Generates protective field of light energy.
Light Crystals provide protection from Dark Aether's atmosphere. They can be nullified by dark energy and supercharged by light energy."