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The Police-Man[1] (けーさつの人?) is a minor character featured in the first story of The Shape of Happiness. He is one of the first depictions of the Federation Police Force.


In the Year 20X5, the Police-Man was stationed at Galactic Federation Police HQ, where Samus Aran received her Zero Mission orders from a Galactic Federation official. He made the mistake of standing too close behind Samus, who was startled and shot at him by accident.

However, the official's offers of a suitable bounty, as well as the Family Computer Disk System disks of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Angel Land, did not get a response from Samus. The Police-Man pointed out that Samus "ran out of energy", and the official collapsed in frustration.

Personality and portrayal[]

While very little of the Police-Man's personality is shown in his brief appearance, it is seen that he reacts with fear when Samus shoots at him, but immediately afterward, he starts applauding her battle prowess and is very impressed by her skills. He seems to have a calmer disposition than his commanding officer, as seen when he realizes why Samus is not responding to the official's offers.

Physical appearance[]

The Police-Man appears to be a blue-skinned humanoid alien of an unknown species. He wears a high-tech police uniform, similar to the design of the Power Suit at the time, with a green visor over his eyes and a cap resembling a modern-day police hat. He appears to have a yellow shoulder-mounted gun, although he is never seen using it.


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