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Powamps[1] are passive creatures that dwell in the depths of Maridia on Zebes.


Super Metroid[]

Powamps generally simply float around in the water, immobile, and inflate whenever other creatures come near. They are not aggressive, and can be latched onto with the Grapple Beam for use as a makeshift Grapple Point. Despite their docile nature, Powamps will cause damage if touched, as well as explode if Samus shoots one; the explosion will launch several spiked projectiles in all directions.

Several are encountered in a room popularly known as "Mount Death".

Metroid Fusion[]

In Metroid Fusion, several X Parasites have been able to infest/mimic the Powamps that were living on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station. The X have modified the creatures' genetic structure, giving them new traits, such as darker coloring and a spiky exterior. They are encountered only in the watery environments of Sector 4 (AQA). They are most notable for their frustrating nature, in which they inconveniently block the paths to small access routes throughout the sector by inflating when Samus approaches.

X-infected Powamp.

To approach these without causing them to enlarge, they need to be frozen from afar by an Ice Missile. The only weapon capable of incapacitating them from an indirect angle is the Diffusion Missile. When frozen in an inflated state, they can be used as platforms to reach high areas. They can be killed with the Screw Attack.

The Powamps can be used as an alternate means of seeing the Secret Message. Samus must jump below the platform in front of them before firing an Ice Missile down diagonally. This will freeze it and allow her to get through without using the Shinespark method. This exploit was fixed in the Japanese version.

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide refers to Powamps as "inflatable enemies".

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Norfair. You can latch onto them with the Grappling Beam.
Normal 10 100 1 0 0 99 0



  • In the internal data of Super Metroid, Powamp is referred to as Puu.
  • The Powamp bears some physical resemblance to Phantoon, though no connection is known to exist between the two.
  • The word "Powamp" is possibly a portmanteau of the two words "power" and "ampere," the latter being the unit of electric current in SI. However, this may be a coincidence given that Powamps do not have any known connections to power or electricity.