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As you know, they have the ability to spread a high-temperature heat wave over a large area, impacting living things... which is a nice way of saying they can vaporize humans instantly. You should be well aware of how dangerous Power Bombs are and how their devastation can't be obstructed with common materials.

Adam Malkovich describing the Power Bombs

Power Bombs (パワーボム Pawā Bomu?) (known as Super Bombs in early print) are one of Samus' most powerful weapons. They must be deployed via Morph Ball mode; a few seconds after being deployed, they detonate, destroying most enemies within a very large radius, often covering an entire screen or more. Only one Power Bomb can be deployed at a time.

In the main series[]

In Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid, Power Bombs are gained from Power Bomb Expansions.

In Metroid Fusion, the Galactic Federation sends Samus the Power Bombs via Data Room after the confirmation of no surviving crew members aboard the B.S.L. Research Station. The blast is also capable of vacuuming ordinary X Parasites (also seen in Dread). The SA-X used one to escape the Quarantine Bay, releasing all the X Parasites and causing an outbreak on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station. The SA-X is also seen using a Power Bomb within Sector 6 (NOC) and the blast will harm Samus if she remains close to it. Although it is possible to obtain Power Bomb tanks early, Samus cannot actually use Power Bombs until she obtains the Data from the Data Room first.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, Samus obtains the Power Bombs after defeating the Diggernaut, which is seen stealing their Item Sphere from its Chozo Statue in Area 6. If a Power Bomb is planted while Samus is attached to a wall with the Spider Ball, Samus will perform the Spider Boost and be launched at high speeds away from the surface she's gripping onto in a similar manner to the Ballspark.

In Metroid Dread, Power Bombs are the final upgrade obtained from E.M.M.I.-07PB after Samus drains it of its energy, but before she can acquire them she is interrupted by a Red Chozo Soldier and has to defeat it before completing the process of acquiring this upgrade. They also play a role in the battle against Raven Beak, whose sun-like projectile attack can only be destroyed with a Power Bomb. Expansions in Dread can be collected before acquiring the actual Power Bombs, but are labeled as an unknown resource before then.

In Zero Mission, Super Metroid and Samus Returns, the Power Bombs are capable of opening Yellow Doors. Additionally, Zero Mission, Super Metroid and Dread feature glass tubes that can only be destroyed with a Power Bomb. In Fusion, they can destroy orange Geron. In all games, they are also capable of destroying Power Bomb Blocks.

In all games, Power Bombs are capable of revealing all block types within the bomb's radius. In Zero Mission, they can also reveal hidden passages. The X-Ray Scope in Super Metroid, the Scan Pulse in Samus Returns, and the Pulse Radar in Dread all have this same feature.

In Super Metroid, Samus can perform the Crystal Flash, a technique that allows her to absorb the destructive force of the Power Bomb and convert it into energy to heal herself. She is only able to do this at critically low health levels, and it consumes a lot of her ammunition in the conversion process. She can also create Special Charge Beam Attacks using 1 Power Bomb and the Charge Beam.

In Metroid Dread, similar to Metroid: Other M, Power Bombs are treated as charged bombs by holding down the R button and are required to be fully charged in order to use them. However, they immediately detonate upon release.

Metroid: Other M[]

A Power Bomb explosion depicted in a Metroid: Other M cutscene.

The Power Bomb in Metroid: Other M is arguably its most powerful appearance, capable of destroying many enemies at once, including some minibosses. It plays a role in the training sequence at the beginning of the game when the Head Quarantine Officer instructs Samus to use her Power Bombs.

In this game, it serves as a charged Bomb, and can be released when Wii 1 button.png is held for a set period of time while in Morph Ball. Due to its chargeable nature, it can be enhanced using the Accel Charge. Because it has unlimited ammo, it has a lengthy cooldown applied. In order to protect the 07th Platoon and potential survivors from the bomb's extremely lethal nature, Adam instructs Samus to not activate them while the crew is on board as Adam reveals that the explosion from a Power Bomb can vaporize a human instantly which could unintentionally harm the platoon or any survivors.

The Power Bombs are finally applied extremely late within the game — during the battle with the Queen Metroid as Samus enters her body and is continuously being drained of energy, Samus activates them on her own as her very life depends on it. Dr. Madeline Bergman avoids being killed by this explosion due to the nearby room she was hiding in shielding her from the blast. Power Bombs are the only things that can "awaken" a Desbrachian, causing it to open its cocoon and attack Samus.

In the Prime series[]

The icon representing the Power Bomb on (Metroid Prime). [1].

Metroid Prime Pinball

In Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Power Bombs are arguably the strongest weapon in the game. It is also one of the three upgrades in Metroid Prime Pinball, where it significantly harms all enemies on one screen. Interestingly enough, the explosion is significantly smaller than in the 2D games.

Power Bombs are not present in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Another powerful, but less effective Morph Ball upgrade, the Hyper Ball, is acquired after defeating Mogenar on Bryyo.

Metroid Prime[]

In Metroid Prime Samus had to fight the Cloaked Drone and get through a maze of electric barriers in the Phazon Mines to acquire Power Bombs; alternatively, Samus could obtain a Power Bomb Expansion in Phendrana Drifts before this by Sequence Breaking. Power Bombs can destroy objects made of Bendezium, and they can also incinerate most enemies. If Samus dies while in Morph Ball form, what appears to be a Power Bomb detonates just before the game ends. This does not happen in Echoes or Corruption.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[]

In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes the Power Bomb Guardian in Dark Torvus must be defeated to acquire the Power Bombs. Samus can reach this guardian after she acquires the Spider Ball by defeating the Spider Guardian. Alternatively, it is possible to obtain Power Bombs early in Temple Grounds using the Space Jump Boots for out of bounds techniques in Temple Assembly Site to reach a Power Bomb Expansion in Dynamo Chamber. Power Bombs can destroy Yellow Hatches and objects made of Denzium, and can incinerate many creatures as well as damage some Boss enemies.

Oddly enough, the Power Bomb Generator is listed as one of the abilities Samus loses at the beginning of the game, though they were not usable nor listed in the Inventory at the time, and are only usable after she regains them. This trait is shared with the Grapple Beam.

Samus annihilates a Dark Ingsmasher with a Power Bomb in the Ing Hive, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Power Bombs also make an appearance within Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer. They behave identical to their singleplayer counterpart, dealing massive damage to any opponent close to its blast radius, unless an opponent is invulnerable. A Power Bomb can also be used to detonate the Bomb Slot in Shooting Gallery.

Metroid Prime Hunters[]

The model for the Trocra was originally intended to be a Power Bomb in Metroid Prime Hunters, as evidenced by the model's file name "PowerBomb_Model", but it was used in-game. It was found scattered around the room in the Oubliette, where the first battle between Gorea and Samus takes place.

Game list[]

Game Maximum Power Bombs
Metroid: Zero Mission 18 (9 on Hard Mode)
Metroid Prime 8
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 10
Metroid: Samus Returns 20
Super Metroid 50
Metroid Fusion 74 (42 on Hard Mode)
Metroid Dread 15

Official data

Super Metroid manual

"The blast of these powerful bombs can hit everything on the screen. Blocks with the Power Bomb icon can [sic] destroyed by Power Bombs."
Super Metroid Players' Guide
Terminals (page 8)
"These radiate a huge explosion which is usually powerful enough to kill any enemy on screen. Certain doors and blocks featuring the power bomb symbol can only be destroyed by detonating one of these devastating explosives nearby. To lay a power bomb, you must first have collected the morphing ball. First change into a ball, then highlight the power bomb icon with select and press [X]. Location: Crateria, Brinstar, Norfair, Maridia."
Official Metroid Prime website
Weapon Effect: Lethal at close range.
Weapon Range: 1 - 10 m
Weapon Potential: Extreme
The Power Bomb is Samus Aran's most powerful weapon while in Morph Ball form. The Power Bomb is much stronger than the regular Morph Ball bomb, but it does not increase the height of Samus Aran's Bomb Jump. The Power Bomb's explosion is strong enough to destroy the hardest elements, including Bendezium.
Metroid Prime flash
"A Power Bomb blast will eliminate enemies in a wide radius and destroy certain struxtures that withstand a normal Bomb attack. Unlike Bombs, these super-powerful explosives are only available in a limited supply."
Metroid Prime manual
"Power Bombs are super-powered bombs that will affect everything within a certain distance of their explosions. Unlike ordinary Bombs, these are limited in number, and Samus will have to replenish them herself by defeating enemies and collecting Power Bomb capsules. Some structures can only be destroyed by Power Bombs"
Metroid Prime scan
"Power Bomb. Press [GameCube Y button] in Morph Ball mode to use a Power Bomb."
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes manual
"Power Bombs are super-powered bombs. Unlike ordinary Bombs, Samus will have to replenish them by defeating and collecting Power Bomb capsules. Impediment made by Denzium can only be destroyed by Power Bombs. Drop these by pressing the Y Button while in Morph Ball mode. You can find Power Bomb expansions to augment your supply, but they tend to be well hidden."
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes hint system
"Missing gear detected.
Chozo origin confirmed.
Recover missing gear."

Inventory data

Power Bomb

Metroid Prime Series

Inventory entry

The Power Bomb is the strongest Morph Ball weapon.
Press GC Y button.png/Wii D-pad down.gif when in Morph Ball mode to drop a Power Bomb.

Samus's Notes

Power Bombs do not have unlimited ammo. Use them wisely.
The Power Bomb can destroy many materials, including Denzium.
Each Power Bomb Expansion you find will increase the number of Power Bombs you can carry by 1.*

Metroid Fusion manual
"This is the bomb in its most powerful form. Its explosion encompasses the entire screen, damaging a limited number of enemies. While in Morph Ball mode, hold the R Button then press the B Button."
Fusion website
"The explosive power of Samus's advanced Bombs damages all enemies and disintegrates all susceptible obstacles in the room. The Power Bomb blast can also destroy some structures that are invulnerable to normal Bomb blasts."
Samus and Joey volume 3
"The strongest of bombs has incredible destructive power!"
Metroid: Zero Mission manual
"This is the most powerful form of Bomb. Power Bomb explosions are massive, encompassing and damaging everything in view. Samus has a limited supply of these Bombs. To use them, hold the R Button while in Morph Ball form and press the B Button."
Zero Mission Samus Screen data
"Set with R+B in Morph Ball form. Opens yellow hatches."
Official Metroid: Other M Web site
"Restricted for use in only the most extreme situations, this apocalyptic device can cause untold damage to both life forms and structures caught in its wake."
Metroid: Other M On-Screen Tutorial
Press [A] to change into Morph Ball mode, then press and hold [1] and release when fully charged.
Metroid: Other M on-screen notification (post-credits)
You can now use Power Bombs.
Metroid: Other M manual
"Press and hold 1 until the Charge Gauge is full and release to set a powerful Power Bomb."
Metroid: Other M Samus Screen data
"Effect: Damages the surrounding area.
Controls: In Morph Ball mode, press and hold [1] and release when fully charged."

* Echoes adds the latter two sentences to the entry.

Samus Returns Samus Screen
"Power Bombs create massive explosions that emit an enormous amount of heat. They can be used to open Yellow Doors. In Morph Ball form, hold [R] and then press [Y] to set one."
Metroid Dread Samus Screen
Dread PowerBomb Demo.gif A devastatingly powerful bomb with a large blast radius.

While in Morph Ball form, hold Switch Dread R button.png to charge, and then press Switch Dread Y button.png to set once fully charged. Setting a Power Bomb consumes Power Bomb ammo.

The explosion can also destroy Power Bomb Blocks.

In other games[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions[]

The Power Bomb appears in Dead or Alive Dimensions along with Samus, who lays one to kill Ridley's clone at the end of every match on the Geothermal Power Plant.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[]

Smash Run Power Bomb dispensed.JPG
Smash Run Power Bomb explosion.JPG

In the 3DS version of the fourth Super Smash Bros. game, special Powers are available to characters for use in Smash Run to enable such effects as healing damage. One of these Powers is a Power Bomb. When used, a Power Bomb (taking its appearance from Super Metroid) is dropped, and explodes after a second, creating an explosion similar to the Smart Bomb from Star Fox, which is also an item in the game. Various upgrades to the power cause it to have more uses, but also take up more space in each character's Weight Limits. When dropped, the Power Bomb has the same sound effect as when Samus uses her normal Bomb in that game (which is the same sound she makes when hurt in Super Metroid), but as it explodes it makes the same sound as a Smart Bomb's explosion.

"Drop a bomb that deals damage to enemies in the blast radius."

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.


  • In Metroid Prime, when Samus dies in Morph Ball mode, a Power Bomb will activate before initiating the Game Over screen. This will happen even if Samus does not have the power-up required to use one.
  • The effectiveness of Power Bombs varies between games. In most games, the Power Bomb cannot deliver lethal damage to bosses and extremely resilient enemies. In the 2D games they cannot damage most bosses at all. However, in Metroid: Other M, Metroid: Samus Returns, and Metroid Dread, the Power Bombs destroy all enemies including some bosses, most notably the Rhedogian, the Diggernaut (albeit disabled), and Robot Chozo Soldiers, which are instantly vaporized.
    • This is also more noticeable with Metroids. The Metroid larvae in Super Metroid takes 3 Power Bombs to kill, but in Metroid: Zero Mission (obtained via hacking) and Samus Returns they are immune to the Power Bomb. Tallon Metroids and their dark counterpart will die to a single Power Bomb. The Omega Metroid in Samus Returns will only have its chiton armor blown off, but it and its Metroid Fusion counterpart takes no actual damage from the Power Bomb. Finally, the Queen Metroid in Samus Returns takes 3 Power Bombs in her stomach to kill, but in Other M she succumbs to only one.
    • Interestingly in Metroid Fusion, the SA-X isn't damaged by Samus's own Power Bombs. Also Samus can survive a Power Bomb blast detonated by the SA-X itself if Samus's energy is high enough.
    • In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Dark Samus 1 is highly vulnerable to Power Bombs (via Sequence Breaking), which may skip her second phase completely if used accurately enough. However in subsequent encounters, Dark Samus is no longer affected by Power Bombs (though this could contribute to Dark Samus absorbing more Phazon between encounters, growing more powerful in both offense and defense as a result).
  • The explosive reaction the Power Bombs displayed in Other M looks similar to a nuclear explosion released by a thermonuclear weapon. However, the Power Bomb's explosions are smaller in scale and radius.
  • In Zero Mission, Other M, and Dread, the Power Bombs are acquired extremely late in the game, near the endpoint.
  • While a Power Bomb is exploding anywhere in the room in Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, the Power Grip ability is unusable; if Samus tries to use it, she will fall off the gripped ledge.
    • Similarly, it is impossible to pause either of the GBA games while a Power Bomb is present in the room.
  • In Samus and Joey, chapter 4, volume 1, Samus fires a Power Bomb from her Arm Cannon into the center of Mount Pagos, to awaken the volcano and have it eliminate the Megaroid swarms.
  • Some games, such as Super Metroid, experience slowdown during Power Bomb explosions.
  • In Metroid Dread, while wearing the final suit upgrade at the end of the game, Samus has infinite Power Bombs, regardless of her Power Bomb count before attaining the suit.
  • Whereas the mention of heat, temperature, or the like is mentioned in Other M and Samus Returns with regard to Power Bombs, this detail is missing in the English translation of Dread in spite the fact that the Japanese description uses 熱, or "heat".

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