The Power Bomb Guardian is a Sporb possessed by the Warrior Ing who stole Samus's Power Bomb ability. Samus retrieves the item by defeating this creature.


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The last of the Sub-Guardian bosses, Samus fights the Power Bomb Guardian in the Undertemple of the Dark Torvus Bog. Ing possession has enabled the Sporb to fire Power Bombs rather than needles, and it is also impervious to Samus's weapons. The only way Samus can destroy the creature is by crushing it with the bridge that is suspended above the Darkling; to do this, Samus must ride Spider Ball Tracks around the room and lay Bombs in the four Bomb Slots holding the bridge clamps in place. It is advised to save the most easily accessible bomb slots for last. The Guardian will attempt to disengage Samus from the tracks by throwing multiple Power Bombs in her direction. The Guardian possesses some level of intelligence, as it seems to predict Samus' movements and target areas in front of Samus, rather than where she is. Many Inglets also defend the creature from the ground.

Once all four bomb slots are activated, the ceiling locks disengage, and the bridge crushes the Power Bomb Guardian to a pulp. A new track opens up, allowing Samus to reach the ceiling area and reclaim her Power Bombs.

Logbook entry[]

Power Bomb Guardian

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Power Bomb Guardian
Power Bomb dropping darkling.
Target can generate and fire high-yield explosives at will. Only massive kinetic damage will damage this enemy.

Logbook entry

This darkling Sporb has absorbed the ability to generate Power Bombs. It can fire these dangerous weapons instead of the venomous needles it normally shoots. The energies of the Power Bomb weapon have made it all but invulnerable. Tremendous kinetic damage will override the protective field, however.


  • The Power Bomb Guardian's attacks can destroy the Yellow Blast Shield on the hatch near the top of the room.
  • The Power Bomb Guardian is the only Sub-Guardian that was a possessed plant and the only Darkling Sporb seen in the entire game. A Dark Sporb was scrapped.
  • The Power Bomb Guardian and the Spider Guardian are the only bosses that are not directly harmed by Samus's weapons (outside of hacking or Sequence Breaking respectively).
  • The Power Bomb Guardian is one of five bosses in the Metroid Prime Trilogy that can be scanned before the battle. The other four are the Omega Pirate, Alpha Blogg, Spider Guardian, and "Caretaker" Class Drone.
  • In the data for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc, the Power Bomb Guardian was named Powersporb.
  • The Power Bomb Guardian experiences a few oddities when hit with the Phazon bullets Beam (via hacking). The primary fact is that it actually receives damage from this weapon.
    • In the Gamecube version before battle, if inflicted with enough damage for its (unseen) Health bar to deplete, the creature's model will appear warped and fail to load properly at all.
    • If not killed but has received damage before the battle begins, when the battle officially starts its Health will correct itself when a Bomb Slot is activated.
    • Its mouth/head can be targeted and killed with a direct shot during battle. Doing so will interestingly trigger a normally unseen death animation shared by many Sporb seen throughout Torvus Bog, albeit without any sound. If a Bomb slot is triggered afterwards and is not officially killed by it, it will respawn but without its mouth/head. Despite this, it will still fire off Power Bombs as normal, leading to a rather unusual sight to see on the creature.