Command Courtyard

Power cables are long and thin cables that transmit electrical power to various systems. They are seen in at least three instances in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Podworks[edit | edit source]

Three connected, unnamed power cables are seen in the Chozo-designed Podworks earlier in the game. Unlike the cables Samus finds on the Pirate Homeworld, these are blue and cannot be scanned. They connect from the circuit boards on the walls into the Escape Pod on the Spire Dock above. The cables light up when Samus repairs the circuit boards to repair the malfunctioned Escape Pod.

Command Courtyard and Scrapvault[edit | edit source]

Two rooms on the Pirate Homeworld feature power cables in groups of two. In the Command Courtyard, the cables are thin and long. Powered by Energy Cell 6, they are connected to a trio of ventilation fans that are blocking access to Flux Control. Samus must carefully evade the Acid Rain in the room and reach the cell, then remove it to power down the cables, and stop the fans.

In the Scrapvault, the cables are thicker and run from the exit access doors to a control station higher up in the room. Samus is required to repair a circuit board in the control station, and then interface with a Pirate X-Ray Pad to open the access doors. The cables provide the electricity needed for the doors to open.

Scans[edit | edit source]

Command Courtyard
"Power cables are connecting the ventilation fans to a control terminal located on the upper walkway."
"Power cables appear to be running from the access doors into a control station."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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