While you're moving, be careful. Some broken power nodes have electrified the water... but we can't cut the power. Doing so would affect the whole station adversely. If you touch the water, you'll be electrocuted. Conserve energy as you go.


AQA Missile Tank 6

Two power nodes above Missile Tank 6.

A power node is an obstacle encountered in Sector 4, during Metroid Fusion. As a result of Samus unlocking Blue Hatches in Sector 2, the SA-X and X Parasites are able to breach Sector 4 and cause widespread damage, also infecting a valuable specimen called Serris. Samus is sent by her computerized CO to Sector 4 to eliminate Serris. The CO warns her that broken power nodes have electrified the water in the sector. Since they cannot cut power to the sector without adversely affecting the entire station, the CO urges Samus to avoid contact with the water.

The power nodes appear as curled, broken blue and red cables with electric arcs coming from them. Some of them are seen submerged in water, while others protrude from outside the water from damaged walls. When Samus activates the Pump Control Unit and drains the water levels, the underwater power nodes become less of a threat.

A different kind of power node is present in the lower floor of the Turbine Chamber in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as a destructible object that must be removed to pull out the First Bomb Component. Locking mechanisms connected to the energy grid in the Powerworks, also in Corruption, are identified as power nodes as well. These are removed using Seeker Missiles.

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