The entrance to the power station.

The power station is an abandoned power plant on Talvania, constructed by the machine race that previously inhabited the planet. It is the setting of the first mission on Talvania in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

As with much of the technology and facilities on Talvania, the station is intact despite its age, leading to theories that the machine race abandoned the planet for unknown reasons. Prior to M03: Smokestack, the Galactic Federation attempted to scan the planet, but encountered electromagnetic interference from this station. The Federation Force is sent in to stop the interference.

On the outside of the power station, there are gigantic pipes spewing a corrosive green acidic liquid. It is possible that this could be liquefied Talvania Gas. The first hallways inside the power station are littered with debris that can be destroyed using Charge Shots. A Shield Door blocks ingress into the station and can only be opened with a Missile Key, which can be found nearby in a crate.

They discover that the source of the interference is a Generator within the station, which has been mysteriously reactivated. The Federation Force destroys the Generator, and escapes the lower area of the station before it fills with gas. Who or what activated the Generator is revealed shortly afteward: Space Pirates. The Federation Force fends off the Pirates, and leaves the station.