Power storage racks

The power storage racks are a processing system of some sort used by the Space Pirates in their mining operations in the Agon Wastes. They appear as a set of three transparent boxes attached to poles that can be raised or lowered through a system in the Bioenergy Production room. The racks are codenamed Alpha, Delta and Gamma, and have different Interface Modules that can be scanned to move them.

These racks play a role in a puzzle in the room. Samus is required to use them in order to progress, by moving the racks into a staircase shape so she can access the door to Ventilation Area B, which will ultimately lead to her fighting Dark Samus for the first time. A ledge opposite the room contains an Energy Tank; this can be obtained by resetting the racks in ascension from Alpha to Gamma.

On a later visit to the room, the racks may be set into another configuration. Samus can scan another console to reset them to the last recorded position.

A discipline report that can be scanned in the room reveals that two Pirates, Units 013 and 043, were caught playing with the racks and punished with a ration cut.


Movement systems
"Alpha/Delta/Gamma power storage rack movement system offline.
Please activate the control system."
Rack control system
"Space Pirate security system bypassed.
Power harnessing system online.
Processing racks moving to position 1. Extreme caution recommended."
Rack control system (active)
"Power harnessing system active.
Processing racks are in last registered position."
Rack monitor
"Object scan complete.
This is the Alpha/Delta/Gamma power storage rack position monitor.
Two nearby consoles control the movement of the Alpha/Delta/Gamma power storage rack. Scan them to operate the system."
Rack console
"Command authorized.
Alpha/Delta/Gamma power storage racks configured to desired position."
"Discipline Report 07.198.02
Units 013 and 043 have been placed on low rations after being caught configuring the power storage racks for amusement purposes. Agility training is to occur only in sanctioned training areas."'
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