Preeds are cybernetic hunters used by the Space Pirates. They have toxic Nohadin gas inside them; upon being destroyed, the green-colored gas is released in a cloud in an attempt to kill the Preed's destroyer. Similarity to the Puffer family (specifically the Plated Puffer) found on other worlds suggests that the Preed was created as a fusion of Puffer DNA and Space Pirate technology; this also seems to be the case with the Puffer Mines. The Bulls found on Zebes also bear striking resemblance to the Preeds.

Ing-possessed Dark Preeds are used for aerial hunting missions and are seen throughout the Dark Agon Wastes, Dark Torvus Bog, and the Ing Hive. Exposure to the Ing's Dark Energy makes the Nohadin gas within the Preed even more potent and increases their durability, although a charged shot or Missile will make short work of them.

Preeds are found in the Hydrodynamo Station and Gathering Access.

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Preed
Toxic gas-filled cybernetic bioform. Engage target at range if possible. Destruction of outer body will release a highly toxic cloud.

Logbook entry

The cybernetic Preeds are aggressive hunters used as patrol animals by the Space Pirates. They carry lethal Nohadin gas for use as a defense mechanism. If a Preed is ruptured, the gas within is violently released. This often proves fatal to the Preed's killer.