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The President of Kankei (カーンケ 大統領 Kānke Daitōryō?) is the head of state of the planet Kankei and a character in Samus and Joey. The president was on board the Special Forces Ship Otowa, secretly hospitalized for angina, when it entered the Beta System and was downed on Degrade. His government commissioned Samus Aran to search for them. The president was seen in the ICU at "Severity Level D" following the attacks by the Giants and Amoks. Dr. Diana Apronika tells her medical team to administer a dose of nicorandil to the President.

The President is later seen alive at the Galactic Peace Alliance Building, being a member of that alliance. He asked Joey Apronika to attend a meeting with the Alliance along with Samus, and thanks them for their assistance on Degrade. He asks Joey to be involved with efforts by the alliance to bring about peace in the galaxy, and humorously gives him forgotten homework from his mother.

The President undergoing treatment.

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