A pressure pad in M01: Outpost

A pressure pad[1] is a door mechanism that appears prominently in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Similar plates[2] or weight-activated platforms[3] are used in Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Dread for various mechanisms.


Federation Force[]

Pressure pads are usually set before an important area in a mission. They consist of a set of four pads, which must be stepped on to open the door. A distinctive jingle and click is heard when the door unlocks. If four Federation Force soldiers are in deployed, all four plates will need to be activated before they can proceed; for balancing purposes, this number lowers accordingly if there are three or fewer soldiers. It also makes them similar to the Extractor that is deployed at the end of a mission. Pressure plates are present on all three planets in the Bermuda System, in most of the game's missions.

In M15: Mother Lode, there is always a larger pad for the Cargo Tram to stand on, meaning that the other soldiers (if any) will need to step in front of the tram to activate the others.

Other games[]

In the MercurySteam-developed games Samus Returns and Dread, Samus must stand still on a plate for a second in order to use stations, including Save Stations, Teleport Stations, Energy Recharge Stations, Ammo Recharge Stations, Map Stations, and Network Stations, as well as means of transportation, including Elevators, Shuttles, and Transport Capsule. This contrasts with earlier games, where these mechanisms could be used almost immediately. Due to the 2.5D nature of these games, the plates are located in the same plane as Samus, while their corresponding mechanisms are placed in the background. In Dread, Samus can stand on these pads with one foot to activate them, and once lowered, she will do a sidestep onto the platform, and the option to use the station will present itself.[4]

Official data[]

Combat Sim tutorial[]

"Stand on the pressure pad to open the air lock."

Metroid: Samus Returns manual[]

Save Station
"Stand on the plate to save."



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