The Primal Traditions, also known as magic or the old ways, were the treasured magical abilities of the Primal race of the Reptilicus.

In time, the Lords of Science ushered in a new era, the Age of Science. Though many cheered the new discoveries, those who preferred the Primal Traditions cried out in seemingly futile protest. When the Primals came across the Chozo, the avian-like race urged them to seek a balance between the old ways and the new, but the Primals did not heed this warning, and science and magic divided the race. The Lords of Science, ignorant of the desire for the Primal Traditions in one faction of the planet, continued their quest for scientific knowledge. The Age of Science ended, and the Age of Schism began, when the first Lord Sfimas denounced the Traditions in the center of the Royal City.

The war began in small conflicts, but over time grew to planetary war. The Lords of Science, who at first were enthralled by exploration, devolved to destroying the Tradition-favoring Primals with technology such as the Mogenar-class War Golem, while the Primals used their darkest magic to curse the Lords. The war could not be alleviated with help from foreign friends of the Primal people.

The Lords began to lose in the fight, and retreated to a small haven on the planet whilst the Primals rejoiced in their victory. While in hiding, the Lords realized the war had ravaged the environment of the planet, and launched decontamination equipment to cleanse the toxins. Unfortunately, this exposed their position. The Primals set out to hunt the Lords down, using new magic they had crafted.

All the Lords were killed but one, who went into self-exile and worked to save the planet using a combination of both magic and machine, while the Primals devolved and turned against each other, with no known Lords left to hunt. In his research, the last Lord discovered and named Fuel Gel. Needing a successor, the last Lord happened upon a prophetess who foresaw the coming of a starborne death, and with this information the last Lord improved his decontamination equipment to reduce the impact of the threat. In an accident, his Fuel Gel supply exploded, alerting the Primals to his position. Without Fuel Gel to power his Mogenars, the last Lord knew he was to die. He wrote records of the downfall of Bryyo, and stood his ground while he sent the prophetess to scatter the records across Bryyo, in the hopes that a starborne traveler would happen upon Bryyo and save the planet.

Since Samus Aran purged the cosmos of Phazon, which corrupted the Primals even further, it is possible that within a generation or two the Reptilicus may regain their higher thought process. It is unknown, however, if they will restore the culture they had before, or balance science and magic.

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