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Prime Hunter is a mode in Metroid Prime Hunters' multiplayer mode. In this mode, the Hunter who gets the first kill becomes the Prime Hunter. When a Hunter is a Prime Hunter, his/her energy will rapidly decrease. The Hunter must then kill the opponents for more Energy. If the Hunter with Prime Hunter status is killed by an opponent, then the Hunter who killed the previous Prime Hunter will become the next Prime Hunter. If the Hunter dies from having all their energy drained, then nobody becomes a Prime Hunter until the next kill.

Prime Hunter mode can be played on all levels.

Official data[edit | edit source]

Manual[edit | edit source]

"The first player to make a kill becomes the powerful "Prime Hunter." The remaining players must then defeat this player to take the title. Compete against each other until Time Goal is met, or Time Limit has expired. If the Time Limit expires, the player who held the title longest is the winner."

Nintendo Power March 2006[edit | edit source]

"Be the first to defeat an opponent to become the Prime Hunter, then stay alive as long as possible. The enemy who kills you will become the next Prime Hunter. The bounty hunter who stays the Prime Hunter the longest wins." [1]

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