The Proboscum is a harmless, invulnerable robotic drone in Metroid II: Return of Samus, found malfunctioning on SR388.


Proboscums were created and programmed as simple worker robots, presumably by the Chozo civilization of SR388. By the time Samus Aran traveled to the planet to exterminate the Metroids, years of disrepair have caused these Proboscums to malfunction. Now, they can be found clinging to the cavern wall of Phase 4 outside the Chozo ruins, left out of order and unable to operate properly.

Each Proboscum has a large appendage resembling a proboscis, serving as its namesake. Since these robots are harmless, Samus can stand on this appendage as a platform, allowing her to scale the high cavern wall. However, an out-of-control Proboscum is unable to keep the appendage held parallel to the ground for more than a few seconds, causing it to continuously flick downward. If Samus is standing on one when this happens, she could be potentially dropped into the deadly spikes lining the wall of the Chozo ruins. Therefore, she must move quickly if she uses a Proboscum as a platform.

Official data[]

Metroid II: Return of Samus manual[]

Enemies (p. 30)
"Originally programmed as a worker, not a fighter, this robot is out of order and out of control."

Virtual Console manual[]

Enemies (2) (p. 15)
"It was once a simple worker robot, but malfunctions have now made it dangerous."


  • If Samus tries to use the Spider Ball to climb a Proboscum, the screen will shake violently until the Proboscum flicks down.
  • Proboscums and TPOs are the only robots in Return of Samus that appear in the caverns and tunnels outside the Chozo ruins.
  • Proboscums do not appear in Metroid: Samus Returns, the official remake of Return of Samus.