Processing Access is a room in the Pirate Research facility on the Pirate Homeworld. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Processing Access X ray

Samus detects the security system with her X-Ray Visor.

The room is a fairly long corridor that twists and turns, with invisible laser beams in the way to detect Samus. However, she can see the beams by using her X-Ray Visor, and avoid them by rolling under them in Morph Ball. If not, one Commando Pirate will appear, and she has the option to kill him or run. A chamber in the middle has two Phazite panels and a Lore entry; the panels only come into use when Samus has the Nova Beam.

Connecting roomsEdit



Processing Access Ship Missile

Processing Access' Ship Missile.

Ship Missile Expansion
Once Samus has the X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam, she can shoot two Phazite panels on the walls, which will open a hatch in the ceiling. Two Wall Jump Surfaces will then take Samus up to a ledge, where the expansion is encased in glass that will shrink with each hit to it by Ice Missiles.


"Optical device appears to have been manually deactivated. Unit is permanently offline."
Device (2)
"Optical device appears part of a security system that uses light too faint for standard visors to detect."
"Phazite panel is covering a control switch. A high-frequency Beam could penetrate the panel."
First Disciples
"Our struggles have ended. She has shown us the error of our ways. The way is now clear. All previous vows of fealty have been forsworn: we now pledge sole allegiance to our liberator, the great one, Dark Samus. We bear a singular honor, we lucky few, for we are her first disciples. Our burden is a happy one, for we will pave the way to her glorious victory and cosmic rule. Let the light of Phazon lead us!"
"Layered energy shielding. An explosive blast should be sufficient to disrupt the shields."
"Hatch to upper chamber locked. Controlled by nearby switches. Activate switches to open hatch."


  • The object containing the Ship Missile Expansion diminishes in thickness when shot with Missiles. This makes it similar to Zebetite, Mother Brain's defense system in all of her encounters. Other Zebetite variants are seen in Corruption as well, in numerous Bryyo Thorn Jungle rooms.
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