Project Metroid Warriors

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Project Metroid Warriors was the secret BOTTLE SHIP operation conducted illegally by a small faction of the Galactic Federation (Known as the ringleaders) which co-opted Commander Adam Malkovich's Metroid military program report on the dangers of using Metroids.

The goal was to create bioweapons in the form of unfreezable Metroids from the remains of the baby and a replica of Mother Brain to control them. However, it was required to become the humanoid MB to maintain complete dominance over them as a motherly figure.

After MB went rogue and Adam and Samus Aran put a halt to her plans, a new project emerged on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station with a new goal of allowing Metroids to develop through their natural life-cycle in a replica of SR388's environment. The computer containing the memories of Adam assured Samus that this was for peaceful purposes only, though whether or not he was lying was unknown. This new project was ended by an SA-X who destroyed the Restricted Laboratory that contained these Metroids.

Bioweapon Research Center monitorEdit


Metroid Militarization Plan
[PMW: Project Metroid Warriors]
Concerning the feasibility of Metroids
as military bioweapons.


  • A room in the Bioweapon Research Center is named Room MW. The initials presumably mean 'Metroid Warriors'.
  • The goal of creating unfreezable Metroids was already achieved on one occasion in the past on Tallon IV, though it was under unintentional circumstances. Fission Metroids and the second form of the Metroid Prime were unfreezable Metroids created through the unpredictable effects of Phazon mutations and resulted in trading their original weakness for one to various Beam weapons.
  • Normally, Metroids are restricted to their infant and mature forms if they are outside of their homeworld's atmosphere. Using unknown methods, MB was capable of removing this restriction and allowed the first propagated Metroid in the Bottle Ship to evolve into a Queen. This incident may have been the point of origin of the new Metroid project on board the BSL station. Whether or not MB had to recreate the environment of SR388 just as BSL researchers did remains unknown.