Project Titan is the Space Pirate's project of infusing Phazon into non-organic matter, possibly to observe whether or not Phazon affected it in a similar manner to organic matter.

The codename for the creature created from the project was Thardus, which had become too powerful and was moved to a Quarantine Cave.

If Samus scans around in the Pirate's base in Phendrana, it is revealed that the Pirates had further plans for Thardus, and possibly, Project Titan. However, it also said that the project was postponed indefinitely, due to an inabilty to control Thardus.


  • In Greek mythology, the Titans (Greek: Τιτάν - Ti-tan; plural: Τιτᾶνες - Ti-tânes); were a race of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age. Their role as Elder Gods was overthrown by a race of younger gods, the Olympians.
  • Project Titan may have continued at a later time and yielded some significant results for the reason that some of the Pirate Ships in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption appear and are stated (in Space Pirate Data) to have organic Phazon on their structures.
  • Project Titan is also a project in Batman: Arkham Asylum where the injection of a drug known as Titan into a host manipulates their body, increasing strength and deforming their body structure, similar to the effects of Phazon Fever.