The prophetess was a nameless Primal appearing in the Lore of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. She was rescued by the Last Lord of Science, and was planned to be his successor.

The Prophetess as depicted in Bryyo Lore

Early Life[]

The Primal prophetess was presumably born into the Primal Traditions, focused on the old ways of magic, rather than science. During the course of her life, she became a prophetess, and, after foretelling a starborne death for her planet, Bryyo, she set out to locate the, almost mythical in Primal society, Last Lord of Science, in order to combine the old and new methods of magic and science to save Bryyo from this catastrophe. It is not explained how she is aware that the Last Lord of Science shared her views, but it is possible that she foresaw it.

After a search of an undetermined length, the Last Lord of Science, entirely by chance, found the prophetess wandering around the wastelands of Bryyo on his daily activites and rescued her after she explained her visions to him. This was timely for the Lord of Science, who was desperately searching for a successor who shared his views. After these events, the two set about preventing Bryyo's inevitable demise; the Last Lord of Science began to upgrade his decontamination equipment to help defend Bryyo.


Before the pair could complete their work, disaster struck when their Fuel Gel supply exploded, sending smoke and light high into the air. Primal war bands soon saw this, and marched towards their co-ordinates. Predicting this, the Last Lord of Science stayed to hold their position, even without power for their Mogenar golems, sending the prophetess to place his recordings and last words across Bryyo.

While the Last Lord of Science was almost certainly killed by Primal war bands, the prophetess managed to escape unharmed, though with a much bigger objective to achieve; she had to scatter the Lore across Bryyo, while avoiding detection from the increasing barbarian Reptilicus hunting her down, having devolved since her journey began.


Judging by the continuity of the prophetess' Lore, her mission was more likely a success. However, her fate is unknown; it is entirely possible that the Reptilicus killed her, or that she was in exile, silently carrying on the work of the Last Lord of Science. Her starborne death eventually came, in the form of a Leviathan, spreading Phazon across Bryyo. She left her Lore in these areas:

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