A protective barrier is a cylindrical wall mechanism present in the lower part of the Powerworks. It is connected to the operating system in the room, and locks in place when the system is out of order. When Samus comes to the Powerworks during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, she finds the barrier active and guarding the "ancient Chozo artifacts" that Aurora Unit 242 alerted her to. Removing the barrier is as simple as pulling a fallen gear on the ground and firing a Missile while it is in the air, pushing it onto the railings directly above the barrier. Once it is back on these railings, the gear begins to turn again, and the barrier lifts. The front of the barrier has a loose Chozo Artifact symbol. When the barrier is removed, the symbol re-forms into three yellow lines, and it comes apart in rectangular shingles that retract into the ceiling. This reveals a Chozo Elder statue and the item it is holding, the Spider Ball.


"Protective barrier in place. Restore room operations to release barrier."

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