Proving Grounds Lift is a room in Pirate Research on the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is where Samus Aran is pointed to when she receives a transmission from a Federation Marine. When Samus first enters the room she will see the marine being attacked by two Pirate Militia. When Samus defeats them, the Marine will instruct Samus on how to activate the Elevator in this room and also tell her about the Hazard Shield. To activate the elevator, a panel with two security levers must be activated at the same time, with Samus and NZG41 each using one. The marine will then accompany Samus up the lift, where "his" true intentions are made quite clear.

Besides the enemy encounter, the room contains impervious storage units, the lift control console, the elevator and mechanisms in various states of functionality.

NZG41 dialogue[]

Samus! Thank the stars it's you! I thought I was a dead man. I think I can help you get to the Seed.

As I'm sure you know, the path to the Seed entrance is exposed to the acid rain.

However, I've seen the pirates using a special suit shield that protects them from the elements.

If you can acquire one of these shield units, you could probably make it to the Seed. Lucky for you, I've seen where they make these devices. Here are the coordinates.

I even know a back entrance to that location, but will need your help activating the lift that takes us there.

We've got to engage the security levers simultaneously.

I'll call out the instructions. We must synchronize our movements or the security clamps won't release. Are you ready?




(if failed) Remember, Samus, we have to synchronize our moves in order to activate the lift. Let's try again.


Connecting rooms[]



Samus and NZG41 activate the lift.

"Lift control console requires the activation of two systems simultaneously."
Console (used)
"Elevator activated. Lift control console is now offline."
Storage units
"Unknown alloys detected within this storage unit's plating make it invulnerable to your weaponry."
"Target is part of an energy-production system. Unit has been locked in auto-run cycle."
Mechanism (2)
"Target appears to be in power-conservation mode. Unit is currently offline."
Mechanism (3)
"Energy reactor operations are on automatic. Unit provides power to all critical facility systems."
Mechanism (4)
"Control unit access denied. Unable to bypass security codes. Unit cannot be operated."
"Lift system is offline. A nearby control console will restore operations."
Elevator (2)
"Lift system is online and ready for use. All operations are functioning normally."