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Proximity Bomb icon

Proximity Bombs are an equippable Offense item in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is a powerful and sticky explosive that is triggered by proximity to the enemy. It shares aspects with the Power Bombs and Pirate Proximity Mines. The damage it deals can be increased with the High Yield MOD by either 10, 30 or 50%. The Ice, Fire and Shock Bombs MODs will add freezing, burning or electrical properties to the Proximity Bomb, and freeze any enemies near the epicentre of the explosion who are not killed by it.


"A powerful sticky bomb that is triggered by enemy proximity."
"A powerful sticky bomb that activates when an enemy is near."
High Yield
"Increase damage of Proximity Bomb by [10/30/50%]."
Ice/Fire/Shock Bombs
"Converts Proximity Bomb explosion into a/an freezing/burning/electrical explosion."