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Telekinetic barrier of U-Mos

Psionics are the advanced psychic abilities of some lifeforms such as Mother Brain, Gorea, many Alimbics, Chozo, Luminoth, and some Humans to will actions with their own mind. Those who are able to use psionics to read or communicate with the minds of others are referred to as empaths. Dark Samus also displays the abilities related to mass-mind control and levitation, while recovered Bryyo Data references a form of "magic" used by the Reptilicus species that may be psionic in nature.

The exact methods by which psionic abilities operate, or even if all psionic abilities share the same operating mechanism, are unknown. However, Alimbic records and the fact that the most technologically advanced species are also the most psionically gifted indicate that these abilities are in fact technological in nature.

Psionic Abilities[edit | edit source]

Psionic Technologies[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"The ALIMBIC ORDER directed surviving citizens to transfer their essence into the SEAL SPHERE. Our combined psychic energy is the engine that powers the sphere."

"The fathomless power of the captive beast is the very engine of the SEAL SPHERE. As long as its psychic powers are ensnared, GOREA cannot escape."

"To contain GOREA, our people reduced themselves to pure telepathic energy through the process of ESSENCE TRANSFERENCE."

"Through science and technology we increased our already formidable mental skills. Significant advances were made in the areas of TELEPATHY, TELEKINESIS, and EXTRADIMENSIONAL EXPLORATION."

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