Puddle Spores are creatures that float in lava with their shells tightly closed most of the time. When a predator approaches one, it will open its shell in an attempt to make itself appear larger than it really is. If the predator continues to approach, then the Puddle Spore will slam shut and eject a spread of harmful energy globules. Its shell is impenetrable and emits a foul smell.[2]

Samus Aran encounters them in Magmoor Caverns on Tallon IV in two rooms, Geothermal Core and South Core Tunnel. When she approaches them, they open their shells. Samus can then fire at them with a beam to cause them to flip over, allowing her to step on their under-bellies. They pose no threat other than the energy globules they emit when they close their shell.

They are very similar to the Dark Phlogus and Spore Spawn. However, they cannot be killed, whereas the Dark Phlogus can be killed by a Power Bomb while its core is open.

Official data[]

A Puddle Spore in its dormant, submerged state.

Official website[]

"The Puddle Spore floats in lava with its shell tightly closed most of the time. When approached by a predator, the spore opens its shell in an attempt to appear larger than it actually is. If the threat persists, the Puddle Spore slams shut and ejects a spread of harmful energy globules".

"The Puddle Spore is a lava-inhabiting mollusk protected by an impenetrable shell. The creature emits a foul-smelling gas from within its shell, which is unmistakable".

Logbook entry[]

Puddle Spore scanpic.png
Puddle Spore top scanpic.png

Puddle Spore

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Morphology: Puddle Spore
Sentient floating lava mollusk protected by an impenetrable shell.

Logbook entry

A Puddle Spore opens when approached, attempting to intimidate with its size. When opened, direct fire to its mantle causes it to flip into a defensive position. If it can slam shut, it ejects a spread of harmful energy globules.


  • Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide features artwork of an unknown mechanical/cyborg being resembling the Puddle Spore; it is not seen in-game.
  • While Puddle Spores are only seen in the Magmoor Caverns in the final version of Prime, two appear on an unused layer (labelled "2nd Pass") in the Chozo Ruins Tower of Light. Of note is that there is no evidence of lava being present in the room at one point, meaning that the Puddle Spores were to be suspended in the water.
    • The scan files for these unused Puddle Spores are unfinished, containing only the following text:
      "This is a Puddle Spore
      Alpha Puddle Spore description 2
      Alpha Puddle Spore description 3
      Alpha Puddle Spore description 4"



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