Puffer Mines are Puffers which have been cybernetically enhanced with Phazon gas by the Space Pirates and are used to patrol the Pirate facilities. The creatures are found on the Space Pirate Homeworld. Strangely, while the mentioned planet is said to be the planet of origin of the Puffers seen on Tallon IV, there were none to be found. Either they were located in an area unexplored by Samus, or all the natural Puffers inhabiting the planet were turned into Puffer Mines.

The Preeds encountered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, which bear considerable similarities to the Puffer Mines in look and behavior, are also cybernetic organisms used as patrol animals by the Pirates.

Logbook entryEdit


Puffer Mine

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Puffer Mine
Cybernetic bioform capable of releasing toxic gases.

Logbook entry

Avoid contact with the Puffer Mine. These creatures are a cybernetically enhanced version of the Puffers native to the Pirate Homeworld. Engineered by Space Pirates, they are now used as patrol animals. Their bodies have been filled with Phazon gas to be used as a defensive measure. If their shell is broken, their bodies explode and send a cloud of toxic gas out all around them. Nearby attackers rarely escape the volatile fumes.


  • The Puffer Mines in the Airshaft room spawn from openings that are very similar to the Air Holes on Zebes. If Samus were to return to the same room later on in Corruption however, the creatures are nowhere to be seen and are no longer spawned.