The Pump Control Unit is a room in Sector 4 in Metroid Fusion. The room's name flashes on the screen immediately after entering.

Description[edit | edit source]

Samus accesses the room after defeating Serris. It is entered by a Blue Hatch. The ceiling and floor of the room is yellow, with a chasm in the floor that is completely submerged with electrified water. Samus will need the Speed Booster to be able to actually reach the control unit as there are Boost Blocks in her way. Some parts of the floor consist entirely of Fake Blocks. When Samus lowers the water level, a message saying "Water level lowered" will appear before the level goes down. This will stop the water from being electrified by the broken conduits. The conduits themselves, however, are still damaging to touch. On the way out, Samus can collect a Missile Expansion on a platform below, and then shoot the Fake Blocks to get back up to the first level.

The Pump Control Unit shares its theme with Navigation, Data and Security Rooms on the BSL.

Sequence Breaking[edit | edit source]

If a 1% or even 0% run is in attempt, Samus can also simply prepare a Shinespark just after breaking through the Boost Blocks, and then Shinespark to the entrance of the room. The Missile Expansion can be skipped, but it is difficult to avoid.

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