Pumping station.png
Point the Wii Remote at the screen.

—On-screen tutorial

A Pumping station (called Pump Priming within internal files) is a mechanism seen thrice on Bryyo in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, in the rooms Gel Processing Site, Temple Hall, and Generator Hall North. These stations are mainly used in Fuel Gel production and must be, as the name implies, pumped four times in order to progress. This is done by making the motion of forward pumping using the Wii Remote. Each time it is pumped, a green node rises from its right side.

In Gel Processing Site, a pumping station is attached to a Fuel Gel flow regulator. After pumping it, Fuel Gel begins to leak out of two spouts, which Samus must ignite to rejuvenate the regulator and open up access to the upper levels of the room in her search for Rundas. In Temple Hall, using a pumping station causes liquid Fuel Gel to pour out of crevices in the walls, which Samus can freeze temporarily with an Ice Missile to traverse the corridor. In Generator Hall North, a pumping station can be used to rotate a section of a Morph Ball tunnel, allowing Samus to collect a Missile Expansion.

Pumping station handles are similar in appearance to Galactic Federation security levers, and have two green holograms spinning around in opposite directions.


Fuel Gel flow regulator.

Fuel Gel flow regulator
"Fuel Gel flow regulator is inactive. Pump must be primed to activate regulator."
Temple Hall
"Pumping station controls the flow of Fuel Gel through nearby spouts. Use to release gel."
Generator Hall North
"This unit controls a nearby disc mechanism. Operate the pump to rotate the disc."