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Puyo[1], also known as Fuyo[2], is a species native to various areas of Zebes.


They are putty-like in appearance and are able to shapeshift with their elastic bodies. Puyo move by stretching their shape and seemingly 'hop' from one location to the other; if Samus is near them, they will jump high into the air in an attempt to land on her, causing damage if they do.

Their color is commonly yellow, but green and red variants also exist. However, in a corridor before Samus finds the Plasma Beam in Maridia, there is a group of white Puyos, huddled together in a small group. These rare white Puyos do not seem to be at all aggressive as other types.

In Metroid Fusion, there are X Parasites infecting and/or mimicking Puyos; these unnatural variants are slightly larger, are only seen with a red color and have spikes on their surfaces. Like the authentic variants, they can jump to considerable heights.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Norfair/Maridia/Wrecked Ship. Puyos are elastic and erratic. Freeze and shoot them.
Normal 100 60 24 24 24 3 24


Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

This guide refers to the creature as Fuyo.

"These water bound oddities jump around unpredictably and can be a real pain. Sometimes they can be frozen to form useful steps but generally you should get rid of them."


  • The Puyos may be based on/named after Puyo from from the Puyo Puyo franchise.