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The "Pyrosphere combat arena" is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Visually the room is rectangular in shape, and housed in an indoor facility. It is well-lit with a ring of fluorescent lights lining the upper walls. The lower walls have two alcoves in them with yellow-tinted floor lights and a cyan-colored computer display in each. There are three disk-like floor covers on the floor, each with a group of red lights and periodically flashing yellow lights, visible underneath. Beside each exit of the room is a wall light with the same cyan color. On the ceiling are a group of square, yellow lights.

Samus first enters this room while she is escaping the Vorash chasing her in the adjacent vast lava-filled cavern. When she approaches the next door, a Cyborg Zebesian drops in and begins a battle. Gradually, three more appear and after two are killed, a Fly Pod on the left wall will rain meteors down on the room, and begin spawning Mellas. After a few seconds, Adam authorizes Samus to use her Ice Beam.

Looks like the normal beam won't have any impact on the enemies around here. Samus, use your Ice Beam.


Once the enemies are defeated, the room remains empty for the remainder of the game.


This room is a potential catalyst for a game-breaking glitch. Once Samus leaves this room, she will continue into a "ventilated corridor", and then into a "flame hallway" where she is locked in until she eliminates three Dessgeegas. If she returns to the combat arena instead of continuing further into the Pyrosphere, a door in the lower Desert Refinery will permanently lock and be unable to open, meaning that the game cannot be continued. The only solution to the glitch would be to send an SD card with the game's save data to Nintendo (now defunct), or start the file over.

Connecting rooms[]



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Ice Beam
Authorized by Adam here.
Accel Charge
Samus must destroy the center of the leftmost disc in the floor (the one that is closest to the Fly Pod) with a Bomb. This will uncover a Morph Ball launcher that launches her into a hidden chamber in the ceiling where she can collect this item.