Quadtroids are an enemy species that appear in Metroid Prime Hunters.


Quadtroids were genetically engineered by the Alimbics from leech and reptile DNA. They can crawl on almost any surface, including metal and ice, and are capable of sucking energy from their prey, which is their only food source. A Morph Ball Bomb is the only thing capable of shaking their grasp once they lock on to a target.

Their appearance and behavior can be viewed as a "cross" between Phazon Grubs and the similarly-named Metroids.

Biology and BehaviorEdit

Quadtroid screens

Quadtroid's reptilian body and leech-like mouth. Their quarter-lobed brain expands in size while attacking its prey.

Like the similarly-named Metroids, the Quadtroid's lobed brain is enclosed by a bulbous, gelatinous membrane at the head of its body, and it feeds by siphoning energy from prey via its leech-like mouth. However, the rest of the Quadtroid's body is far more reptilian in nature, with four sharp, red-tinged legs, a short tail and an articulated, dark green shell protecting its dorsal region. The Quadtroid's leech-like mouth is located on its underside, and features two rings of sharp, hooklike teeth. When prey is nearby, the Quadtroid will leap upward to attach its mouth to its prey, and can only be dislodged by a bomb.

Small Quadtroid pic

Cortex CPU

They have no significant weakness to any of the weapons Samus acquires during the events of Metroid Prime Hunters, and are small enough to fit in areas where Samus uses her Morph Ball, such as when Samus encounters them in the Vesper Defense Outpost's Cortex CPU. It can be inferred from their appearance on the icy planet Arcterra that they do not share the Metroid vulnerability to cold. Strangely, no Quadtroids appear in Alinos - possibly suggesting that the creature cannot live in extreme heat environments.

Their purpose is unknown, nor if they were created before or during the war against Gorea. Likewise, it remains unknown whether there is any significance to their striking similarities with the Metroids, which were themselves genetically modified creations of another highly advanced race. However, it would seem these are purely coincidental both species and their creators occupied entirely different galaxies.

Logbook entryEdit


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Genetically engineered from leech and reptile DNA. This creature can crawl on almost any surface. The QUADTROID seeks sources of biological energy. The use of a MORPH BALL BOMB is the only method to break free of its grasp.