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"Queen's nest access" is a room in Area 8. It appears in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns. In both games, it directly precedes the Queen's nest, where Samus confronts and eliminates the Queen Metroid.


Return of Samus[]

The access corridor in its original appearance is entirely artificial, made from a mixture of natural cave formations, and more predominantly, stone architecture that has been built into the rock. Close to the end of the hall is a ceiling and floor made entirely of spikes, which force Samus to Space Jump carefully through them as she will want to conserve energy for the battle ahead. The nest is accessed through a drop at the end of the hall, which is marked by two pillars in the spiky floor that do not have spikes and appear to be broken. Once Samus drops through the gap, she will not be able to return to the access hall unless she uses the escape tunnel underneath the Queen to flee to the beginning of the area.

When Samus enters the room, the intense Metroid Nest theme heard in the rest of Metroid nest is replaced by a blaring "alarm" theme that serves as a warning for what lies ahead. The Queen Metroid's roars could also be heard in the background.

Samus Returns[]

Samus at the room's entrance.

The room's appearance is drastically altered in the remake of Return of Samus. Like the rest of Area 8, the ruined Chozo architecture has been replaced with an organic environment, and the spikes have been removed, making navigation much easier. The floor is now split into multiple sections above gardens of red plants.

In the background, a large bulbous object is visible. Other background flora and fauna include groups of green cactus-like plants, large and thick vines or tree trunks lined with spikes, and some spiny protrusions in the ground near the nest drop. This room now has a Big Aeion Orb and a Save Station on two separate platforms, whereas in Return of Samus the final Save Station was found at the start of Area 8. The drop into the nest is now blocked by a Pit Block. Unlike Return of Samus, it is now possible to return to this room from the Queen's nest, via a portion of ceiling there made of Screw Attack blocks, which conceals a tunnel under this room.

The "alarm" theme is not present in the remake's version of this room. Instead, the remix of the Tourian theme continues to play.

Connecting rooms[]

  • Queen's nest (via drop, one-way in Return of Samus, and via hidden ceiling tunnel in Samus Returns)

In both games, the room is accessed from a tall shaft with the last remaining Metroid larvae.